Ok Shea. This is your first entry for your level two reading log and as I understand it, you read articles on a type of car. Can you tell me what the articles were in broad terms and what type of car you are reading about?

it was just reviews mostly of Lamborghinis and the types. Okay. In the first thing about those reviews is and I know you’re providing me links to those in your journal, but

did they all agree on the information they put across would they come up that they come to you with agreement information or they disagree with each other

and it was different types of cars that I was reviewing but the same model sales. It was the same thing. Okay, and what are some of the key features of the car that that the articles you read focused on the most mostly like the engine empower him because of his research. Yeah.

So I guess to give us a baseline for that. Can you tell me what the specifications of the car you’re focusing on is lots of code. What sets the engine Wotsits power.

Well, there’s living beings rule. It’s actually a spirited beach well worth 740 horsepower. That’s all drive and I was also doing the Lamborghini years which is a new Super Sport Utility Vehicles as an SUV and its twin turbo VA right so every time. So So

between the two vehicles. Do you have a preference.

I personally like the unique into this one my favorite cars but if I was living in warfare. I don’t know if I’d probably have the US because it’s a SUV and it’s more like the depth of

area and 10s of your opinion compared to the what the articles were expressing Do you think that the authors of the article agree with you.

Well, but also the article. Yeah, they say like the years is multi service in. I can have injured or as pretty vicious

for big open roads and tricks and stuff. So what’s the attraction of the pain to do a live. Why is it that so many people are so positive about that car given essentially heart and practical, it is

I don’t know some people just like they love going faster and faster. Yeah.

And just the attraction of having by owning a Lamborghini as well. What is it about Lamborghini

I don’t know they just produce like really high quality fast cars and it’s like a well known brand around the world. Yeah.

There’s also a kind of

style to lab again. Yeah. Can you expand on that a little bit.

Have you know you driving in all the Lamborghini as opposed to any other sports car

the very low in flat what’s going to pull from

they they have a kind of

attention seeking style scribe look. Yeah, but there’s a and and the articles to they focus only on the specifications, or do they talk about other more subjective subjective means you know not affect base but maybe emotional based things about because

mostly it was just this vacations and like they use for the car right and but I in the interior most slamming ENISA designed the interior of military jets. Right. So one of those things. What, what, how would you know that because of the stop button. They have a read care. They’ve got flick up for you started in this excitement firefights and I don’t know if our industry likes that. Release the interior is always really fancy.

Yep. Now a naturally aspirated may 12 is in some senses are really technology. Yeah.

So why is it still so exciting to people because the noise and others that

like they go away reduction ladies come Taiwan suffered cards and I just do things to make the nursery is ready to 12 still like in competition. So if you compare it to say the most modern technology which might come in the form of the Tesla

so vehicle. There are advantages to that here from a performance point of view, difficult for example acceleration that lemon is not going to be able to compete with that so why not be excited about a Tesla.

I don’t know who’s living in Is it just the traditional college that even though we use for most people. Yeah. And he says, like you pull out as fast, but it’s not like I don’t know it doesn’t have a history and so can you tell me a bit more about the history of the Lamborghini that builds that feeling around it. Oh, by several of building tractors. I don’t know when they started.

He started getting into sports cars and these gelei, they started making the mirror. That’s really like Seamus Heaney and that’s just going through major really great cars that people will come in and just keep going with that he’s

there’s competing companies that also have culture behind them. If you think site. For example, another Italian company like Ferrari Ferrari so so between the two of those while amp again, I don’t know, just always had

a love film gagne and far as a cool but I don’t know anything.

Kenya, Kenya Name something like sometimes it’s it’s hard to do this but I’m asking you to partly in relation to the articles as well like either something that if that the articles told you, or something that you view you share with the articles that that defines what it is about a Lamborghini that makes it superior even if it’s not technically superior.

I don’t know, just the look in the sound

just because and Have you no one

no have been around a lot of them. Yeah. Because, you know, saving this costs his dad’s boss has Dlamini and Monica right as an intro yeah its 15th anniversary model and we were to his house

and it was so that’s kind of like your ideal cars. Yeah.

During this

is really cool. Yeah. So you sit at the time. What’s your dream car now

I’m considering Chloe hearken which is

just lighter smaller faster time engine unknown show. I think it’s I think it is ready to be 12. Right. And I’ve use like a new come either its carbon composite and and yes why lighter and looks lot cooler income other energies are on tough Monteith which is like a limited edition model which is quick, the normal. So you think we can escape partly through the power of the engine but also parties are making early on in society also dynamics and

weight reduction. Sometimes there’s a tension between making something fast and making something look. Yeah.

Do you think that they get that balance right all the time. Yeah, let me direct such good looking cars and you’re still

keep up with which is. Yeah.

So is there anything else that you’d like to add about what the articles added to your knowledge or understanding

of love.

I didn’t really realize how many people

like views lemmings online there’s like so many of them. So I just had to go through random ones and

just little facts that I put into the brilliance. So their effects that stood out that you didn’t already know

the Lamborghini hearken tough Monday when it first came out, it broke than the ring record. Yeah. And it had it for three days until the new Porsche 911 Gt

43 days the head. Yeah. So what I met that brings up an interesting point i doesn’t that because a Porsche 911 can beta on the new gripping the basics. How good is that really,

it looks good. Sounds good beer at a sock slugs typically not slow

and and the Nova agreeing itself is not necessary. I mean, it’s the standard, isn’t it, but there are problems with it as well. Yes. It taste what are the you know what some of them

so like a very smooth, very old school method banged callers that are pretty rough. Yeah.

So in some senses. You made a si se va to do what yeah

yeah yeah but that’s a that’s quite sick, isn’t it. That brings me back to the purest idea about Lamborghini it’s an awesome car with great specifications that can do amazing things then perfect circumstances but how often do people find themselves and as perfect circumstances, no action yet, have you mean is that advantage or that your friends but father’s boss has he does, he does a roadway. They can a driver. It’s really your he drives a maybe like once a week

program to Chrome well and goes on the track there right and he fills it up there because so many places few right say it’s drugs promo to get it. Where

do you get that. Does that make sense to you. Yeah,

I would do that. Yeah.

Awesome. So thank you very much. Thank you.

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