3rd October 2018

Out Of The Blue

 Out of the blue is a poem written by a british author named Simon Armitage, the poem is written about the disaster of the twin towers on september 11th 2001 when two planes got hijacked and flew into both of the world trade centers. the author of the poem writes it in a way that makes you feel as if you were there as if you were standing out on the street watching and not being able to do anything, the author makes you feel guilty for not being able to help. “Does anyone see a soul worth saving, so when will you come?” this is the quote that really makes me feel this way because it is said from the point of you of a man stuck in one of the top floors of the building waving around his shirt trying to get noticed by somebody trying to get saved but nobody could save him 

when the second plane crashed into the second building the author said from the point of view of a person in the building “maybe this isn’t an accident, maybe this is an attack.” The world trade center attack is one of the most shocking and well known terrorist attacks because of the massive media attraction it caused and there was so much footage of the attack happening. But america is just as bad if not worse with terror attacks in the middle east the only difference is there is no media there to capture everything and make america look bad. 

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