9th August 2018

dog stereotypes

Today I am here to talk to you about dogs and their stereotypes. whenever people talk about little dogs most people think of a cute little Jack Russell or a little shih-tzu, adorable and harmless. And when people think of big dogs most would think of a golden retriever or a Labrador still thinking adorable, cute and harmless. but what about the so called aggressive breeds such as pit bulls or mastiff breeds and i’m going to convince you that this is all wrong and these so called aggressive breeds are just as harmless as any other dogs. 

“Good dragons controlled by bad people do bad things” this is a quote from one of my favourite movies how to train your dragon, but this quote applies to the real world as well but with dogs instead of dragons. No matter what the type of dog if it has been brought up by the wrong people it will do the wrong things, just think how do the good dogs become good dogs? they get trained right so why do people just assume that pit bulls and mastiffs are aggressive 

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