Today I am here to talk to you about dogs and their stereotypes. whenever people talk about little dogs most people think of a cute little Jack Russell or a little shih-tzu, adorable and harmless. And when people think of big dogs most would think of a golden retriever or a Labrador still thinking adorable, […]


Curriculum Vitae Shea Williams 7 Ellie Place Lake Hawea Skills: I am very personable, I have great customer service skills, I am quick to think and solve a problem when necessary, I work well in a team environment but can also work independently. Experience: I have maintained and serviced my own and my families motorbikes, […]

to whom it may concern Although my experience is fairly limited I make up for it in enthusiasm and a can do attitude. As experience goes in mechanics the only workshop experience I have had has been through the gateway program. I have enjoyed working on my own motorbike and car over the last few […]

History of Lamborghini Lamborghini: Forty Years

Ok Shea. This is your first entry for your level two reading log and as I understand it, you read articles on a type of car. Can you tell me what the articles were in broad terms and what type of car you are reading about? it was just reviews mostly of Lamborghinis and the […]

there are many ways of modifying the written language when texting. We do these things to make the best easiest experience when texting. one way we can change is by using initialisms such as OMG or YOLO, OMG is an initialism of oh my goodness/gosh/god and YOLO is an initialism of you only live once. […]

phone rings p1 yeh p2 oh fanks for answerin geeza, know what i mean p3 gimme dat p3 where you been foo p3 makin us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and dat p2 mr dawes is well on the war path  wif you bruv yeh p1 cuz of da bag an dat p2 […]